Gentle exfoliating wool soap bar x 2


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I have handwoven this lovely 100% pure wool fabric to make these lovely gentle exfoliating soap bars. The woven fabric has been boil washed to felt it and I have then sewn it up into little bags. A soap and instructions are provided with each bag. Please note this item is sold in quantities of two.


Simply take the wrapper off the soap and put it bag in the bag, tie the top with a bow. Take your soap pouch into the shower and use it to wash yourself. The soap Suds will come through the pouch and the wool will gently exfoliate your skin. Plastic free, reusable and hand made by me.

You can replace the soap with whichever soap you chose and even save up all those little ends of posh soaps then put them all in the bag together , thereby not wasting any of it.

Each pouch measures approx 13cm x 8cm

A great gift or stocking filler